Quality Assurance and Testing Services

Rethink Quality Assurance with Next Tech inc.’s Agile, Automated and Comprehensive Testing Process and Methodologies.


In present technology landscape and environment, leaders of business houses understand that their business success depends upon – Quick adaptability to market dynamics & effective adaptability to market dynamics, which include:

  • Ever changing customer preferences.
  • Evolving ecosystem.
  • Disruptive cloud and mobile technologies.
  • Social media.
  • Evolving regulatory and compliance standards.
  • Organization demands
  • New business objectives.

To overcome these challenges or to boom your business without an effective Quality Assurance approach and strategy won’t let you quickly respond and transform into business success. In Next Tech inc. we offer business transformation of a company to a forward-thinking company by having in place a Quality Assurance Program. Our QA solutions and services are agile and responsive to ever changing dynamics and business demands with success measurements aligned to the existing as well as emerging business goals and objectives.

What makes us different:

1. Our business and risk driven quality assurance approach.

2. We leverage robust testing frameworks and methodologies that incorporates testing aligned to:

  • Business objectives.
  • Analysis.
  • Manual and Automated test design.
  • Managed services.
  • Continuous improvement and maintenance.

How we conquer it:

  • Powerful backbone of testing expertise.
  • Capability to perform wide spectrum of testing services.
  • Qualified quality resources.
  • Broad as well as continuous delivery capabilities.
  • Our expertise in achieving innovation.
  • Ways in solving testing challenges.
  • Implementing on shore and off shore testing.
  • Our QAs are providing quality assurance services to the best-known brands in the world.

In nutshell, we have partnered with companies to grow their competitive advantage in their respective domains by providing them Quality Assurance Support.

Next Tech inc. Quality Framework
MQF helps organizations get a head start by focusing more on developing quality use cases by providing an automation framework. MQF supports iOS and Android Automation platforms and can be used testing Native Apps, Web Apps and Hybrid Apps.

Next Tech inc. – mTest
Testing is an essential and integral part of all popular SDLC models like Agile, Waterfall methodologies. Most of the application will have the need of extensive Regression Testing because of either longer development cycle with multiple phases of development or the applications in need of maintenance forever. Repeated Regression Testing is time and resource consuming task and it makes development cycles longer. This prompts the need of building efficiency in to testing cycle, which is achieved through test automation.

Why mTest?
mTest framework provides a ready to implement test automation framework. mTest helps Quality Engineers to quickly start the automation for a new project and focus more on developing test cases rather than spending lot of time in setting up the core framework. mTest framework supports iOS and Automation platforms. mTest is built to be very flexible and thus it can be used testing Native Apps or Web Apps or Hybrid Apps. mTest framework is designed following modular design pattern to achieve high degree of reusability and minimal maintenance. mTest also provides additional utilities supporting Data Driven testing, Build and Integration Tools. mTest provides very detailed reports for consuming by various stake holders in the project and also it provides open reporting data for any customizable report generation.

Technology behind MQF (Next Tech inc. Quality Framework)
Technology: Java, XML, CSV

Tools: Appium, WebDriver, Selenium Grid

Framework: Junit, TestNG

Platforms: iOS and Android (Web, Mobile, Hybrid)

Benefits of using MQF
Ready and Easy to implement
Easy Test case development
Built in Modular and Data Driven models for easy test implementation and maintenance
Detailed JUnit Style Reporting
Work with Real Devices, Emulators and Remote Devices

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